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Why was I not told of such a wonderful community!?


back posted from xfiles community:

So its 8:50pm on a Sunday and I just settle down in front of the TV hoping to watch something good. I flip to Fox to catch the last bit of the Simpsons and I realize it's now 9:00pm on a Sunday. What's on next? 24. I sigh in resignation and reflect back to a time years ago when Sunday was the best day of the week for my 12 year old self. I decide in that moment seven years later that I will pay homage to the X-Files and it's Sunday night slot by popping in an episode. Never Again sparks my interest and when its over I move on to Memento Mori. Of course, once you start the cancer arc you have to finish with Geth, Redux, and Redux II.

As I'm watching the episode's events transpire I can almost feel the surges of excitement I felt then. Sitting one foot from the TV screen, demanding quiet, completely gone from the reality of this world for one hour... I long for that feeling again. The anticipation of the next week's preview, running out in the middle of my street to scream and jump around with my X-Phile neighbor, getting up early the next morning to watch the highlights all over again while drawing in purple and green marker all over my pants (X's on my knees, Mulder and Scully on each leg respectively) and sporting one of the three XF shirts that are now worn down and holy (in more ways then one). I know my obsession frightened some and intrigued others, but the truth of the matter was that it was my life... and I liked it that way. I liked the hunger for the continuation of the story, the dedication to learning and soaking up everything I could about the show and the people involved; and most importantly all the life lessons I learned from watching. I know to some it may sound silly to achieve life lessons from a television show... but to me it was more then that. I wanted a quest; I wanted to be important; I wanted to have the drive they possessed. I knew even if I was viewed by others as inconsequential there might be ONE person out there to compliment me perfectly. I took Scully in as a role model, and Mulder as a guide. I guess my point is I owe a lot to something viewed as a simplistic hour of television drama. I don't expect most of you to understand (being those who read this on my journal, not the XF community) or even attempt to; I'm just gathering together for myself why I am so affected by the X-Files.

With that, I return to the arc to submerse myself into Chris Carter's world, recapture the youthful awe I once held (and in some ways still do), and hope for a second movie to rekindle the giddy excitement that will come with it.

Though the classic lovers might like to read that as well, sorry for those who already have!
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